Social Media Marketing


Here we are again with another informative blog….. Where we will be focusing on the content part of the digital marketing…….. the first question that pop up in the mind… is why people would come to your business platform & spend their time or take you in consideration for their buying choices….you will not be present online in person all the time… face your prospects…… than who will look after their need…. your content will do….it is the front forerunner for you in the digital world..

So what type of content should be posted…..whether it should be well conceptualized precise content.. or anything haphazardly could be taken from net & posed on Digital Platforms….well if you really really wanna succeed with your digital venture.. make sure to be very careful with the Content… no doubt creating content takes time…& you have to churn lot of information / data/ thoughts & understandings to make quality content….nobody like useless matter or incomplete information. We know that it is a cumbersome job…but with a bit of help plenty of content could be written/published …one of the best option is to start asking your community to be the part of your content creation journey. Yes you heard it right; involve your community in the content process. So whole idea is that you could create refreshing content & side by you are creating fruitful engagements.

What is User Generated content

Now the question is how to involve your followers to be a part of your content & the best way is to do an open house. Create a free environment for them so they could be imaginative & free to create their version of brand. To quote this with an example…let’s talk about talk about Canva the tool which offers a great opportunity for non designers to create awesome design effortlessly…….& how they connect with their user on social platforms……….they feature the designs created by the users & their stories on their social profiles….takes the review and in this way let its users to be a part of their journey. It is important to let your brand be accessible……to get genuine appreciation of people…..communication on social platforms should be two way process…for long run existence……so keep it that way.

One more examples which we would like to add up here is about the World’s Most Versatile Camera brand Go Pro, they are the champions of User Generated content (UGC), as you know go Pro is adventure cam which is so tough & durable you could carry anywhere with you. So as a brand they appreciate the adventure, stories moments created by the individuals during their journey…..& the from time to time they feature them on their social page….in return they get a unique content library…. maximum exposure of brand on social platform without spending much of ad dollars.

While reading about it you might be wondering wow……. it’s a awesome technique……. one should follow it to increasing reach of your brand……yes you heard it right …..but…..keep in mind that as a brand you have to remain relevant to the audience…….& give it some time when users start creating for you….

Some of the things you need to keep in mind for a UGC campaign are
· Choose the social platform which defines your audience best.
· Set your goals, what you want from this campaign.
· Set a CTA (call to action) for your audience.
· Ask questions
· Plan a community process.
· Pick the best & feature them on your social timelines, but don’t forget about runner-ups   acknowledge them too.
· Analyze the campaign & see where you did well.

Cycle of user generated content

So just go out there & interact with your community…… build long lasting relationship with them. And if you need some help in planning your strategy for Social Media Marketing, we at GC Media Pvt. Ltd are here for you……feel free to connect…..Wish you a Happy & Long Lasting UGC Experience.



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