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How Landing pages affects your conversions in Digital Marketing !!!

Keeping our promise going, we are here again with some very interesting and useful update about “Digital Marketing”…here we would talk about how to be on top of the mind of your customer whenever they are going to make that buying decision and when those eager to sell representatives are not around…..

In offline world when a customer physically comes to your store to buy product/service you can tap him/her
by showcasing your best services upfront….. Some dandy salesman (one who could even sell sand at price of gold types) in the market are capable of reading their customers through their words & expression…. but when it comes to online selling ….clever salesmanship is of no help as our customer are not face to face…

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Going by the words of an Advertising expert who said long time ago – “ if your Ad is brilliant half of your work is done & rest would come along” … if you want all those people to land on your island who are finding for the services related to you… than you have to hit the right note at right time… start your campaign starting with a great ad copy imbibed with relevant keywords…

But what if your Ad is still not getting desired results…or if it is not getting enough clicks even after everything is set & done…..Don’t panic …..& being dishearten is not allowed…..just relax or chillax grab your favorite soda or diet soda….or go for an upside down yoga trick to calm your mind and remember what we told you about that super dupper groovy salesman… who know his customer’s pulse…. (no no don’t approach them & literally check their pulse) just check and recheck if your approach is right or if they are getting the exact information that they were searching ……just check that they are landing to a much responsive & articulate landing page which will act as a e-salesman for e- business & people have definite reason to stay & try out for your services….that their landing page experience is beyond awesome.

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We do tweaked GC Media Pvt. Ltd landing page, when we launched our campaign….so that our e visitors may get what they are looking for without much toil… readily available information attract customers.. for our landing page we brought all relevant information which customers might be looking for) like what we do / how we do it /  what we have done so far / how to reach us etc. at one point.. so that they do not have to wander much to get basic information and if they are looking for more about us where they get it…..

Heading one step ahead we have tried to explain what an online Ad Copy should be and what should be there on your landing page as the landing page experience is the first & foremost things that will decide if the customer will stay and comprehend your services or he will just move away


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