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Importance of Keywords in a search campaign !

So keeping up with our promise we are here again, with some interesting info how going digital would be beneficial to you in the long run & why it is necessary to have a strong digital identity on the internet. Look around yourself, nowadays people are more comfortable with the online shopping than they ever were, they read reviews, watch videos related to products & follow their favourite products on Facebook, Twitter & on other apps of social network.

So what digital enables to do is target your customer where they visit more often. Everyone runs to Google when they need answers about thing they don’t know…(Some people still prefer going to a Library ) So when they hit Google with their questions, like where to buy that Little black Dress or cheap ripped denims… what Google does return their query with results matching their keywords they had put in.

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So as a smart advertiser what you can do that you go & set up a Search Engine Campaign with the keywords related to your Business which you customer would put in while finding you online. So this is a tricky part & how you are going to guess what your prospective customers are typing about, you can’t go & peep in everyone’s pc or mobile… (If you try to do so, some would give you a blue eye!).

We at GC Media Pvt. Ltd. Researched about our target audience first before setting any keywords in our campaign, we initially started with more familiar keywords that were related to our Media Industry & then steadily we built up a glossary of keywords which would trigger our company ads to appear on Google Search engine. In this part we told you about how keywords are important for a business to be visible online.

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