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Going Digital Easy Way !!!

Digital Mark – e – ting

 e – ringing in digital world to mark your presence…..this is how I presume it :)ᵓ

Today everyone is talking about going digital (the hottest Marketing Trend) & the n number of possibilities that it offers to explore the gigantic customer base available
But What Exactly by GOING DIGITAL MEANS???? Does it merely means listing your
business with sites holding Digital Directories…NO DOUBT it will mark your entry in the virtual world but it is a very tedious job…and trust me you won’t enjoy doing it for long… entering your information on these pages & expecting that people to reach your website through these listings… is a big thumbs down…and expecting to be notified by the eyes scanning Internet merely through these virtual directories
is almost out of question… 😦

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So the question is what should be done……………….should one opt for Digital Marketing or shouldn’t…..(this is how the Great Shakespeare’s Helmet might have felt :)ᵓ  …He might not have the answer but we definite have…at GC Media Pvt. Ltd. we decode the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing and will share it’s step wise step Strategy in our subsequent posts.… be assure it will not be a  copy paste matter from any other Websites or Wikipedia or data available across Internet…. It will be our true experiences & experimented …our pitfall & successes that we faced while promoting our own business through various digital mediums.

Our first gyan about going digitalGoogle My Business would help you only to enlist with the Google Map if someone is truly looking for you ….it would just be just a smaller part of so many possibilities available.

We would start with the ABCs of Digital Marketing…some basic words that will be referred multiple times in our upcoming posts.   Here are the terms that everyone uses while talking about digital marketing

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