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Updated Facebook Features You Need to Know about in 2017 !

Writing again about facebook – Facebook the medium that is serving as the point of constant traffic & reach ………than any other Social Media platforms………….. So with Facebook – here are some of the things which look promising in the time to come-

  • Audience Targeting in Organic Post-   Facebook introduced this feature for pages long time back…….but limited people has idea about it ……..& where to find this awesome feature……. so to help you we are sharing the screenshots, of how to reach there.

To Set Up Targeting-

  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Select the General tab.
  3. Select Targeting & Privacy for posts.
  4. Check Allow targeting & privacy options when I create a new post.
  5. Save your changes.

This would be your main page-

GC Media Pvt Ltd Facebook Page

The settings page would look like this-

Audience Targeting Page

The final page would look like this when audience targeting is done-

Facebook Audience Targeting

  • Direct Boosting – Marketers can boost the post shared by their customers & influencers directly from their profiles, when they allow the business partner boosting options while posting.
  • Video Ad Placement- Now you could place your ad in the videos published by other publishers & in the audience network too. This increases the reach & exposure for your brand.
  • Instagram stories to Facebook- A test is going on to publish Instagram stories to the facebook platform, so much cross promotions is awaited.
  • New updated Ads Manager- Now they’ve combined Power Editor with Ads Manager. There’s now a new workflow that lets you create a draft campaign of your ad before adding in ad sets and ads. It gives you more control over your creative process because now you don’t have to follow a particular workflow anymore. Also added is the ability to review and confirm every change you make in your ads. This ensures that the final ad you post meets your expectations without anything extra added or removed.

Overview Facebook Business Manager

  • Fake News & Ads- After facing lot of criticism over the fake news & ads being run by shell companies, Facebook has started weeding them out from the system with the help of a robust team dedicated to it & machine learning. So now you could be sure of that your content would be safe from spammers & fake accounts.

Tips to stop fake news on facebook

  • Links on Mobile- Links which would open faster on Facebook Mobile would be given higher priority to enhance the user experience.
  • Ads in Facebook Messenger-  It’s being tested globally as we write, to serve ads to people on messenger in a non intrusive way , so this give a marketer a new platform to work & test upon for customer engagements & conversions from them.
  • Facebook Pages Groups- Now you can build a group & link it to your page & have conversations with the people as an individual or as a page, so other than your page you could have conversations going in a group where people could freely participate

Facebook Groups

For more interesting info keep on following us & if you need any help feel free to contact us at GC Media Pvt. Ltd. 


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