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Things you need to keep in Mind when you want to increase traffic on your website through SEO

The first thing that every one crave for while opting for digital marketing is to be on the Top of Search Array……….the best solution to achieve it is to go for SEO……………..but what things you need to be kept in Mind while seeking to increase the traffic on your website through SEO….


You might find a number of detailed blog/articles/research etc….published on this Topic documenting how you could rank better or say be a star on search engines. Some are so promising that you might fall for them & start doing what directed with the hope to that by the end of the month your rankings will see a drastic rise…….common guys  Snap out of that dream……..come back to reality……..Search Engines don’t prioritize you on the basis of how much content you are processing the whole month……. how shiny & cool is your website…..&  the amount of keyword stuffing you are capable of….I know …I know….. You might not trust us…..& would say that……..these are the things guys were doing from a decade & still seeing results…….but that my friend was the thing of past………of time when search engines didn’t have those complex algorithms & they were gullible……these algorithms are evolving every minute & seconds….from the way they were ranking you before………they are now doing the things what we call machine learning…..means they are now judging the website & going deep in how users interact with them.

SEO Facts


Starters keep in mind that now websites are ranked on……… users friendly………….how much value they hold in front of the real people………..So the shift has happened………. consumer is the king now in this digital world……… he hold the reins of this ever-changing technology………you might think search engines would be on your side & will help you in this.………… but no they too are concerned about the consumer & trying their best to make their search engines more relevant…..more true……& never putting the data in front of them which couldn’t be trusted.


It is the time you were looking for….go on…..& be a website/platform which is more users orientated & does really solve their problems…….. Here is a list of things you should start doing to get rid of those age old tactics-

  • Remove all those flash files & unwanted animations from your website, they bloat your site & reduce your loading speed in browsers, and people don’t want to visit a site which consume the data too much…& r hard to open.
  • Revamp your website from a static one to a responsive one, so when somebody looks for your business from his phone/tablet or pc they see a complete website instead of some bits & pieces.
  • Run PLS run a site audit regularly & check for broken links or misplaced links, see to it that your users are not directed to a page which doesn’t exist.
  • Remove your links from the places which would appear shady to search engines, like places where too much ads are being placed as compared to content.
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing on your website, include them only where needed.
  • Try to include a blog on your website, & keep posting relevant content timely to maintain the freshness of the website.
  • Don’t change your domain name/place until it necessary.
  • Testimonials stills hold a great point in SEO, so let your users speak for your credentials.
  • Try to get links from the sites which hold a greater influence than yours by writing/submitting content to them.

With all this done be patient……..keep on adapting yourself to these changing times as SEO is a long & ongoing process but the results you get won’t be short-lived. And for all the help you need to achieve this target…..always feel free to contact us at GC Media Pvt. Ltd. 


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