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Inbound Marketing : How to do it right ?

In our Previous Blogs we have talked about Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, How Social platform could help in Branding etc…etc….. & all these talks……all these discussion……were focused on one thing & that was to gain new customers for a brand…… many people ask what is the most accepted & trusted formula to gain new customers in this increasingly over competitive world…..some think complex marketing process could be the Mantra……others think….. an over complicated algorithm is need to be applied to your marketing process to gain traction in the world……but what we believe is that you don’t need to stick deep into the jargon of the marketing world……..One simple thing which could change how people see you as brand is how you solve their queries…..reach out to their problems & provide them real workable solutions.

But how would you manage to provide these solutions to your customers… bombarding them with your Television Commercials or sending them flyers hidden in newspapers….won’t help alone…..there are chances your customer could miss that commercial & slip out those flyer…. instead you should you adopt to inbound marketing to reach out specifically to every person who need solution to his problem.

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Now what this Inbound Marketing is……………don’t worry we at GC Media Pvt. Ltd. are here for you to decode this awesome technique of marketing……….. Let’s start with basics -– inbound marketing is the process of attracting customers by providing them the information they want at right time, right place, in right way with the help of various social media & search engines…….. The first goal of inbound marketing is to provide the right & true information to the prospects that are searching for the solutions to their problem online………As Varun Kumar (from DigitalVK) said that Inbound Marketing can help you to establish as an Authority in your niche….But how would you gain authority….you could not snatch it ….you would have to create the opportunity…..& this will happen only when your customers become your promoter for the advices/solutions you had given them to solve their problems. This is the end goal of an inbound marketing plan to turn your happy customers into your promoters.

Four stages of an inbound marketing strategy are Attract, Convert, Close & Delight as mentioned by Hubspot. To attract people to your blog, website & social media…….optimize your content to be found easily by people when they go online. When you keep it real add value to your prospects life they would come back to you for more & to gain their interest you need to offer them some deliverables which they could access & save for further reference, what you would get in return by providing them access to your solutions is their mail ids…….when you get contact information of your prospects you turn them into leads…..all companies know how important it is to get fresh leads to run a successful business.

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To close the leads at hand it is advisable to send personalized offers to them giving them options & offers to stay with you….when they decide to buy from you, oblige them with thank you mails & ask for reviews to turn them as your true supporters & fans.This completes the whole process of inbound marketing for you. And this process can go on & on as people always had problems which need solutions.

So to be shining star in your niche apply inbound marketing techniques along with the traditional marketing to your company while finding new leads for your company.



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  1. This is awesome. We have the subject “Principles of Management” in our exam and I was just trying to understand the different marketing techniques. This article really helped me a lot and cleared many of my doubts!

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