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Twitter : Reasons to use this microblogging site for Business & Brand Awareness

In continuation to our process of Gyaaann batting on various Social Media Platform….here we are once again at your service along with our Cute little Blue Bird…the master of spreading your messages around the world in couple of seconds. Don’t scratch your head much guessing which blue bird we are talking about (it’s not a hybrid pigeon with supersonic speed :)’ it’s our own beloved twitter the microblogging site born on 21 March 2006.

Though in its initial years it was known as just the medium of sharing short messages within the limit of just 140 words…..had very niche audience who use to share moments as it happens around them….there were many less takers of this medium & people could not figured out what to do with this birdyyy. But slowly & steadily people started using this platform as instant news sharing site……events were reported by people with relevant photos before the traditional media could arrive on site…& it start gaining its popularity….among its users.  Billions of tweets (post on twitter called tweets) were being sent out through the platform by the users.


Consumers time spent in digital has increased from 2.7 (2008) to 6 hours (2016).Digital economy growth is a massive 10+% year on year, generating over $24 trillion in commerce.Digital is the main reason wh - Copy.png


Soon our cute little blue bird caught the attention of Celebrities, Politicians, Sports Stars & Public Figures who joined it with their unique twitter handles :)’ and made it an instant hit among their followers, as their fans followers could contact them directly…..could know about them..their work…etc…& vice a versa.

In the year 2017, Twitter has witnessed –

  •  319 million active users
  • 500 million tweets sent per day
  • 80% of people use twitter on their mobile.

With all this said, just imagine what a businesses could achieve just from being on twitter……famous for breaking things on the go …this micro blogging site provide brands & businesses a big big opportunity to have direct communication with their users without going through the chain of long dialing & holding of calls at customer care centers. This provides both the parties a platform to engage in real time & share insights & stories of each other. With utmost understanding and ability to mutually get on a conclusion for the betterment of both Brand & Services.


How Twitter can bring attention to your business - Copy


By using twitter as medium businesses could bring users to their websites for more engagements & sharing of info…..twitter could also be a great platform for the bloggers who could introduce their content & writing to the users & get more traffic to their blog…….all depends on the follower count…….and you are provided with the opportunity to engage & share your content to increase your follower count…..Brands could add or inform about their products & services………businesses which deal in app could tweet for the app…..with options for users to download it by clicking on the tweet.

Twitter has some awesome tools like Periscope… can go live with it among your followers & use the power of videos to connect with them….. Going live bring people closer to the brand……as people get more are assured when they see someone or something in real behind those social profiles.

It has been stated by the twitter-

  • 66% people have discovered a new small or medium size business on twitter.
  • 94% people who are being engaged by the brands plan to buy from the SMB they follow.
  • 69% of people purchased from a SMB because they were introduced to brand by twitter ads & sponsored tweets with relevant offers.


pablo (47) - Copy


As your profile is the online representative of you & by going through the famous saying “First impression is the lasting impression” So you should be seen in the best way possible. To establish a powerful presence on twitter you should follow some below mentioned points-

  • Your @Name could be done in 15 characters & it is permanent & the name above it could be changed as you wish.
  • Choose a profile photo that would best represent your business & brand (Use a square image that is ideally 400 x 400 pixels.)
  • Choose a header image which could be graphic , photo or your promotional stuff (1500 x 500 pixels)
  • Your bio has a limit of 160 characters so you could include useful information about yourself like your location/business hours & link to your website. Be creative in writing your bio as there is a limit.
  • Your Pinned tweet is the first tweet users are going to see on your profile, so decide accordingly.
  • Participate in twitter chats & organise them, as twitter chats are a great way to share useful information & insights & you could meet new people to follow & yes you would gain new followers too.
  • Use twitter ads & sponsored tweets to reach out to more people.
  • Try to find influencers in your niche & you could ask them to endorse you on twitter.


mail at ; - Copy


With your business when you plan go live on twitter; tell your customers/followers that they are important to you and your relationship with them means a lot to your brand …..Provide them support they needed….welcome their queries….be their for them….(Like our Foreign Minister do..she respond to every query on her twitter handle…& try to solve it to her level best….:))

 To be viable on twitter… sure to be informative, engaging & consistent……add value to your followers & have fruitful conversations to be seen as People’s Company.

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