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Instagram for Business: A way to target Millennials

After Facebook let’s talk about Instagram, a social media platform with visual sharing properties and a whooping fan base of over 600 million worldwide. Instagram is the new crazed communication tools used by millennials to share life events with friends, family & to extended communities through series of pictures in a fun filled & quirky way. The one thing that make it stand out from other platforms is the variety of filters available to use from…….. & the edit options of the app can make you a awesome photographer by default without going to any photography school……. (Interesting…isn’t it…..)


Instagram is the new communication tools of millennials where they can share life events with friends, family & to extended communities through series of pictures in a fun & quirky way.


With introduction of stories on Instagram…….the no of users who are uploading videos to the instagram & watching stories of other people have boomed manifold…….but still majority of content on Instagram is still user generated… there are less chances of seeing mere promotional ads on the platform. There only 1 million advertisers on the platform currently as per the report by Instagram….leaving a huge room & opportunity at stretch for the Advt. Business to grow by adapting Instagram favourable policy.




Increasing popularity of Social Media among masses (as they spend more time on their smartphones as compared to any other informative media……where is my phone… :)’   ??????) has also influenced their buying behavior….they love to know what a brand is offering….how many people are using it … who are preferring it….how much popular it is …etc. etc..etc…. & accordingly they decide whether they should buy it or not……. evaluating such consumer behavior brands are to gradually moving to these Social Media Platforms….& actively involving Social Media / Digital Media in tis Media Plan ……Increasing E Commerce Platform with easy to return & exchange policies has added to the Popularity of these Virtual Medium…

You may easily find a number of Instagrammers confirming that they had discovered a number of new brands on this Platform & they were motivated to buy or consider that product of such new brands….when they were buying things online. On an average 75% of Instagrammers do take action after seeing a post about a Product or Service……..they follow it…..associate with it & its user…..& even consider to buy it ……


Wishing you a Happy New Year full of love, light and laughter!


So what are you waiting for Now…go grab your phone or PC & Make an Instagram Account for your Business ….reach out to people waiting there to welcome you……. Numerous opportunities & options are available for your brand in this digital world. Visually showcase your product / service on Instagram App. Communicate/share your brand’s unique point of view. Reach the right people with relevant content in a creative environment. Express highly memorable, creative, and distinct visual messages through your ads.


Don’t be afraid…. It not tough to have a business page on Insta… Just Register / login from your phone into the app fill out your basic specifications, update your bio, start putting up some cool pictures & yes start following people, so they could follow you back. In the start it would be difficult for you to gain a huge no of followers but if you are posting regularly & with best creative bend, people will start noticing you & soon you will be receiving followers on your site… who would wait for your next post eagerly after subscribing you.

With Instagram you could  —

  • Reach your customers at scale.
  • Generate awareness, interest, and intent for new products and    campaigns.
  • Showcase your products, app, or service where people seek visual inspiration.
  • Drive website clicks and conversions.
  • Drive mobile app installs and engagement.
  • Drive people in the funnel from awareness through to action.

pablo (72)


Instagram offers you an opportunity to be visually present in your customer minds & with the business profile on instagram you could always monitor with analytics which post has gained more interaction & where you need to work more & from where people are following you……excited to join those millions of advertisers showcasing their awesome creativity on the Instagram. Do let us know….we will always be there for you..


27 thoughts on “Instagram for Business: A way to target Millennials

  1. Instagram is indeed a fascinating and a fancy tool to reach out to people. I’ve myself bought products off the business profiles. You post is quite informative. I’m sure this would help more people start and manage their business accounts well.

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  2. This blog is informative for those who are looking for blogging as profession. Thanks for creating such valuable posts. Sure to come back for more!
    Thank you for dropping by my blog 🙂


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