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How Facebook works as an Advertising Medium.

After talking about Social Media in General…here we are again to spill some more Gyaan….taking on all the platforms one by one….in this blog we will get ahead with Facebook – as an Advertising Medium. Facebook which was merely started as a University fun website by its creator…….. is now one of the biggest Virtual Community Worldwide….. with an active user base of about 1.86 billion…wow…..& these numbers does not seem like stopping anywhere…it is gaining more & more popularity by every passing minute.

Traditional Media vs Digital Media

Started just as a Photo Sharing Platform….Facebook (or The Facebook as it should be called now due to its magnitude) has gone through many changes over the years…. It’s getting more & more interactive & user Friendly…… the ability to upload short content on it (as on YouTube), has made it one of the favorite place for Millennials to display their content……& the latest update in features is live feed where people can go live instantly in the form of video….among their friends & followers.

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Though demographically users between 25 to 34 years are more active on Facebook…but with improved technology…awareness … & thanks to smart phones….you could sneak peak your mom & dad activity liking, sharing, uploading & commenting on facebook (with you in the backdrop eagerly & impatiently waiting for your favorite parantha to be served…L)……..this active engagement of all age group on Facebook could be of much relevance to the Business & Brands as it could provide them great product promotion opportunity and brands are eventually recognizing it & its need to stay in the competitive market. All Brands either Global or Local has a defined their audience base & using facebook as a medium…..there is a steep growth in No. of Official Band / Business Pages…

Top 5 Industries on Facebook

So what about Setting a business page, do we have to fill out huge no. of forms to start off…..naaaaah……that’s not needed……all we have to do is just fill basic details of the company…the way you posted on your website…….like where you are located…..what type of business you are in…….what you deals into…..what is your opening & closing timing & yes the contact no……….Setting up a facebook page is as simple as counting digits on your fingers.

Your Page is Set…what now….well just setting the Page won’t Helppppp………you would probably have to start promoting your services….. would start telling the people how good you are in that particular field….. & all good stuff about you…… But be cautious…..don’t self promote yourself toooooo muchhhhh…….it won’t have many takers…..& you will seem to be a brat…. & your follower count won’t increase as you might have expected. Instead of that post something on your page which add value to your followers, which solve their queries & doubts regarding your industry or it could be the type of content which brings out emotion from your audience.

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For that you have to prepare a content strategy, chalking out that what type of content would be posted on your page & at what time (some researchers says that posting between 1 to 3 pm would generate highest traffic J ) & how many times a day. To be seen on people newsfeed you have to be clutter & jargon free & innovative in your content strategy.

The biggest dilemma which occurs while planning the Content Strategy is that how much content you should post on your page on daily basis so as to attract More & More New Followers & that toooo without being tooooo much pushy. There is a fine line between too much & too limited……most of the brands stick to a limit of 2 post per day or just 6/7 post per week.

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Consistent posting with relevant content would keep your page alive. After reaching a limit of organic followers there are options to boost post among larger audience of facebook & to gain new followers….. you could also promote your page with facebook Ads…. you can choose your audience based on demographics, behaviours & get their attention with different type of adverts be it carousel ads (rollover ads) small videos or adverts directing users to your business website.

We know it could be overwhelming for you to set up a page……. than keep on coming with relevant content & ideas……understanding the A/B testing methodology….etc.. etc. and fright not…. if you want to learn more & want thriving Social Media business page…do let us know…. we at GC Media Pvt. Ltd. are here for you as always… to know more about us visit our website…….. keep following our blog for regular updates about Advertising & marketing … leave comments as we love to hear from you….. we won’t disappoint you…….



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  1. Thank you for liking my post…..yes, Social media has far reaching effects in Brand establishment with confirmed outreach to a larger audience beyond imagination. It used properly, then the outreach can widen every scope of advertising and business expansion……….

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