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Every Brand Big or Small need a Social Media Marketing Plan in this Digital World.

Thing around us are changing on a rapid pace with changing technology & revolutionary changes in the digital milieu. Everything is evolving…including the way we communicate & connect with people around us.  We love to communicate….but communication is no longer limited to mere verbal exchange of thoughts & ideas….it has become far more than that & the way more than that…..not just verbal ….pictorial…symbolic….visual… & many more new realms has been added to it with advent of Social Media …….we can share our stories with friends relatives, neighbors & all those who wanna listen & care to admire…..& we love doing that a lot …..


No of users on Social Media


With Social Media Not only the way of our communication but the way of our presentation has also evolved…..and this applies to Advertising & Branding too. There is n number of platforms with n number of user….which many brands would love to trap…and these Platforms know this & thus they keep changing & keep introducing new features…..

we have Instagram where we can upload those beautiful pictures we take while we are at home or travelling somewhere…..could click some fancy food decorations at restaurants of our choice… than there is Twitter… place to Break News as it happen with pictures, videos & comments…can even have direct conversations with our favourite brands & celebrities. Then there is our beloved facebook who keep on getting better & better to maximum user onboard…it has features like live videos where we can stream out live to our families & friends & attend live feeds of people whom we follow on facebook. There are many more other too.


Infographic Social


The best thing with these platforms is that , we could have direct communication with the user & Companies & Brands dot on it, they can have direct conversations with their customers…can get ideas about what they like & what they don’t … all this without spending huge chunk of marketing budget.

It’s a win win situation for both customers & companies…customers can directly pose their feedback & complaints to official pages & companies gets instant feedback enabling them to solve the issue in first hand & winning customer trust & satisfaction…

In addition to enhancing the services, companies can directly promote their brands on digital space, inform customers about new launch, addition in service or about opening a new store etc…. with changing digital world, companies need defined Social Media Strategy. Every Social platforms work in a different & defined style, so before making Company Profile on a social media platform.. One needs to understand each medium….


pablo (45)


Firstly analyze your company’s audience & try to shortlist which medium they use the most, enabling it to be easy for you to connect with them directly…. Secondly don’t just put up profiles on these platform forget… Social Media Platforms require constant & consistent update….thus your Digital Activity will involve a lot of exercise… it will require a permanent place in your marketing calendar with an active action plan & dedicated team who could constantly & closely monitor these platforms, planning & pre planning the calendar…posting content…taking feedbacks…monitoring the movement of followers on these platform …keeping them updated etc.

Beside the regular mode these platforms also allows you to promote your profile, posts, content & services to a new audience through paid promotions with features to create visually rich adverts ….. That could help you to attract new followers. You could also create videos, photo adverts, polls & webinars etc. to be with your followers directly so as when the go into the market they could recall your Brand …. Could relate to it as they have already seen it in their profile….Study show that people who follow a brand on Social media would likely to buy them in real world too. We at GC Media Pvt. Ltd. would endeavor to explain & explore every social Media Platform, Its Feature, Benefits to be with them, how to be on them, when & in what way through our Blog Guide  – “Social Media & Branding” ………so stay in touch for more…


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  1. Hello Gcmediain,

    I think that some of the images that you used, like the Must Have image, did a good job explaining things in a simple way that most people can understand.

    Thank you for sharing this information,
    -John Jr

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