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How a PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign works.

Just think of your favorite Ice cream corner…. Where you get to taste each & every flavor before picking the one for you… Your taste buds go gaga over every flavor & you pay just for your preferred one.…. Exactly in the same way in PPC (Pay per click) Campaign you are allowed to host your ad on Google or any other search engine but charged only when someone clicks your ad…..How awesome it is!!!

The best part of PPC Campaign is you need not have to invest incredibly at once to get your ad running on Google, you could always start slowly & gradually build from there….. & you would wonder how PPC Campaign will work for you. Let’s hover back to our Ice Cream Parlor (we all love ice creams…& usually more than one flavor….right) but when we walk into an ice cream parlor..We have our mind set…our priorities sorted out….. like Chocó chip double scoop….nothing else…. & the attendant gives you what you want instantly….

pablo (37)

Now take Google as your attendant……whatever you ask & whenever you ask from it over the internet be it a product or services… tries best to find the relevant content…..but how….well….. When the searches are done….result comes back in many forms….like paid ads….organic result etc. Click on any search & you will be pushed instantly to the company’s site. Once the click is registered on Google’s platform the advertiser is charged for that click assuming that the ad was relevant for the consumer & it may have been the conversion to the company promoting its services.

The process is very simple ….to shows the Ad on the search engine, you embed their Ads with Keywords & when a user types similar keywords your ad will appear….. Now if the user click your ad …you will pay for it ………& if not you too won’t have to pay a dime…

pablo (39)

To stay on the top position of searches in PPC Campaign you have to use the combination of highly used keywords…….keep a check on your competitor’s bid on those keywords….basically to be in race you have to keep tab on both, your consumer & competitor.

We at GC Media Pvt. Ltd did what we ought to do, we made a comprehensive list of keywords with high volume search rate on internet & then adjusted our bids according to what our competitors were bidding on those keywords. PPC Campaign is very simple but requires high level Tactics & Strategy…Precise Knowledge & Eagle Eye Perspective to stay on the top of the page always. Wanna know more ….feel free to contact us & we GC Media Pvt. Ltd (A complete media house) will be there for you…..always.


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