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Yes, you should make your Website mobile friendly.

Rush….Rush…Rush… everybody is rushing … to office, to college, to school, to party, to etc…to etc.. & traveling by a public transport like metro, buses, shared conveyances etc is a delight in its own sense….the first thing that flashes your mind as soon as you see your chariot is to secure a place to relax your tired soul…. combating through the hustle & bustle of compartment ….u conquer yourself a spot…but what thennnnn….do you go chatty with your fellow passengers… Nooooo….You don’t do that………well nobody does that now days….until & unless you want to invite too many judgment stares…… instead you flash out your app packed android or iphone & start fidgeting……. till you reach your destination or somebody start peeping in your zone..(Peepers should be asked to show their timelines).

But why we are talking about what people do while traveling between places…..the point to prove is how mobile phones are filling the vacuums …. And how important it is to keep in mind that where your Digital Ads will be seen most…. It is not a calculated guess….. It’s evident that people interact with their mobile over & above anything. This second screen is fighting its way over the TV & Laptops in time devotion.

pablo (36)

So to make your Digital Campaign mobile friendly…..there are some prerequisite requirements….. Whatever you are offering in digital word & by whatever way… be sure to make it fast & easy to access (especially if your viewer is a mobile user… nobody wants to spend too much data …not even the jio users..:) )…….. if your Website is loading with a snail speed … you will have one less person visiting your site….or running away from it always…So your website should or we should say it ought to be easy & fast loading one (don’t put too much flash coding…).

The Pre-successors of Digital Advertising, who plan their Campaigns before the mobile boom era did not calculated that their customers might search them through mobile in this new digital world…… and thus their sites lack mobile adaptability….. Mobile browsers don’t read a website like a desktop does, so your desktop friendly website would look like pieces of puzzle on mobile which a person would find annoying to decode.

pablo (34)

So it’s a must must to keep up with these changing times……remold your website…. it should be responsive & adaptable to every possible phone make…. so that things don’t go messy & you would be able to cater to your customer on mobile too. You could also check if your website is mobile friendly or not, you can check it here “Mobile Friendly Test”

We at GC Media Pvt. Ltd. believe in that when people have a good experience while working with you they would come back to you again looking for the same experience.

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