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How Display Ads are helpful in Brand Recognition in Digital Marketing….

“Ye haath mujhe de de thakur” the minute you hear this dialogue your mind zooms into Ramgarh of Sholay. What an awesome movie it is…Right ??…Wondering why we are suddenly talking about Sholey or its Famous Dialogue….Well what we are trying to tell here is that imagery, events or even a minute relevance to a particular thing / product / service can trigger our memory toward it. As this dialogue trigger our memory to Sholay…….So, while planning an Digital Ad Campaign we should not left any stone unturned.

Marking your presence visually across the digital world is as important as getting seen while Keyword Targeting both of them complements each other.

pablo (28)

In search campaign ads are limited to a textual ad only & are visible only when someone triggers a related & relevant keyword…. On the other hand Display campaign allows you to give a creative bent to your Ads and allows you to be present visually. An attractive Ad embedded with relevant Images & attractive colors will provide extra visibility to your Ad Campaign.  A study shows that people are tend to click more on ads with high visual appeal.

Digital Ad Campaigns lets you reign over more digital space as your brand do not appear only when a customer is looking for you or something related to you but also when you want to appear before them and that too in most striking way…’s like entering a party all set in best attires n accessories & turning all eyeball who are curious to know more about you…but picture abhi baaki hai mere dost….this curiosity will not end there only…. it follows nd stay in the mind of the customers afterward too…… they would recognize the brand whenever they see or hear something related to it (Brand recognition).

pablo (29)

While Campaigning for GC Media Pvt. Ltd…we opt for the both..Though we did not start both simultaneously….but within the accurate gap….& it paid really really well in the terms of visibility & brand recognition.


2 thoughts on “How Display Ads are helpful in Brand Recognition in Digital Marketing….

  1. As a newbie blogger who knows very little about digital marketing, this was easy to understand and makes me think I need to put some thought into a site logo.
    FYI found your blog from the community pool.


    1. Thanks for the feedback & we will be coming up with more. Yes you should create a unique logo for your blog, as logos are an important part of a brand identity & they make you stand out in the Digital world.


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